It's time to rethink your menopause symptom relief.

Targets the root cause of what makes you miserable. AMBEREN rejuvenates your hormonal balance so you can feel great and be happy again!

Manage Menopause Weight

Manage Menopause Weight

Managing your weight during menopause can be challenging. Amberen can help. In a 12-week clinical study women who took Amberen registered statistically signficant weight loss while the placebo (the group that did not take Amberen) gained weight.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Proven Hot Flashes Relief

Menopause hot flashes are caused by the disruptions of the hormonal balance in the body. Amberen restores your hormonal balance naturally. In multiple clinical trials, Amberen has shown to significantly reduce hot flashes with no side effects.

Fight Fatigue & Boost Energy

No More Sleepless Nights

Sleep disturbance can affect your quality of life and health during menopause. Amberen is clinically shown to promote better sleep by relieving hot flashes and night sweats while reducing stress and anxiety so you can stay cool and sleep well at night.

What makes AMBEREN so effective?

Hint: It starts with how your hormones change as you age.

Your body has a mechanism that regulates hormones. With age, this mechanism wears down, causing loss of hormonal balance. Amberen rejuvenates this regulatory mechanism and alleviates common menopausal symptoms. Watch this video to find out more.

Questions? Read the FAQs or speak to a licensed nurse.

For immediate answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ. There you’ll find answers to such commonly asked questions as:

Get live help from licensed nurses via Amberen NurseAid**. NurseAid gives you access to decades of expertise in menopause-related health issues.

  • Private consultations via phone or email
  • Menopause-specific weight loss guidance
  • Customizing Amberen regimen to meet your goals

Call 1-800-211-8021 to speak with a licensed nurse.

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7:00pm EST.

See Why Women Love Amberen


"Today I am a New Woman"

Danica B.

Formington, NM

“Hi, my name is Danica B. I’m 37 years old, and Amberen has definitely changed my life. My husband had heard an ad for Amberen on the radio, and he told me to call. So I called. I was skeptical, but the Customer Care staff was amazing. They answered all my questions, and I ordered Amberen. Well, today I am a new woman. I have no more night sweats, no more hot flashes. I am not on the caffeine roller coaster. I am a changed woman. And I have to thank you Amberen for what you’ve done for me and not only me- my family, my mom. She is 56 years old and she’s taking Amberen. She has had relief from her symptoms. My children say that Amberen makes the world a better place, and I would definitely have to agree. Thank you, Amberen.”


"Positive Change in My Life"

Debra P.

Huachuca City, AZ

“I wanted to take a moment to express to you how wonderful your product Amberen is. It has truly been a tool for positive change in my life. I am just finishing my 3-month course, I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. Previous to taking Amberen, due to my menopausal symptoms I was damaging both personal and professional relationships. I was completely puzzled by my inability to cope with day-to-day tasks until I began researching menopause. That research led me to your website. What a wonderful difference your product has made in my life!”

See Why Doctors Trust Amberen


"Relives Menopause... Patients Look and Feel Younger"

Dr. Ella Fedonenko, MD

Your Laser Skin Care, Los Angeles, CA

“We have many female patients who are going through menopause. Amberen has been very effective in helping our patients relieve menopausal symptoms and achieve their overall goals of looking and feeling younger.”


"Helps Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido and More"

Dr. Randa Cobey

Simi Valley, CA

“Amberen has helped many of our patients going through Perimenopause and Menopause with ease. It is a product that fits right into our practice philosophy and it works. Women have said that it helped with their night sweats, hot flashes, loss of libido and more.”

Say goodbye to menopause symptoms today

Only AMBEREN® targets the root cause of menopause by restoring your hormonal balance naturally. No other supplement works the same way.

  • Relieve hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Sleep better and have more energy.
  • Safely manage weight & feel great.


Your purchase comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Your purchase comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!